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Mazatlan SinaloaMazatlan is the combination of two nahuatl words, mazatl, deer, and tlan, abundance, which means place of deer or place where deer are abundant. 

Mazatlan is often referred to as the Pearl of the Pacific; this has nothing to do with pearls, it just refers to the pleasant aspect of this place. Mazatlan is a very interesting city that is happy to welcome tourists. But Mazatlan could well survive without tourism. The tourist industry is not the city's main activity; therefore the locals have a more relaxed attitude towards tourists, something tourists could consider as an additional bonus. The attitude towards tourists is much quieter here; there is no excessive promotion or constant pressure from hotel s, which makes for more quiet time.  Zona Dorada de Mazatlan

Mazatlan is home to the Pacifico beer, one of the most popular beers in . The local shrimp fleet is the largest one in the country, There is a commercial fishing fleet as well as many other industries. If you stay as most tourists do in the Golden Zone, you will never see Mazatlan as an industrial city. That's why Mazatlan is a little different from other tourist destinations. It also has an amazing history.

When you visit Mazatlan , get ready for an active vacation. Mazatlan has excellent beaches, lots of attractions, a variety of interesting historic sites and many monuments throughout the city.  Visiting the statues and monuments only could take a whole day. Of course, if all you want to do is enjoy the sun and the waves, it's fine, too. The beach and water activities are what vacations are all about for many tourists, but Mazatlan has several options for a peaceful vacation (total relax), activities (adventure) and ecology (exploration). You can come to Mazatlan . You may come to Mazatlan to relax but you will feel tempted to explore the area if you decide to go out of your hotel .

Carnaval MazatlanFor years, Mazatlan has been famous for its world class sport fishing, it is the departure point for perch fishing tours. There are lots of fishing boats. In more remote areas, it is also possible to go hunting, doves, ducks and quails.

Mazatlan is also renowned for its Carnival. Mazatlan during the Carnival is an unforgettable experience. It is usually held during the last week of February or beginning of March and has been a tradition in Mazatlan for o
ver 100 years. A perfect planning of this event makes this celebration one of the most beautiful in the world. To visit Mazatlan during Carnival it is necessary to make reservations ahead of time, because it attracts numerous visitors, both from and abroad.

Mazatlan is a city with an interesting past and a brilliant future.

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