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Iglesia ZihuatanejoZihuatanejo is located in the state of Guerrero on the Mexican Pacific coast, about 240 km northwest of Acapulco . Ixtapa is a modern tourist resort, 5 km from Zihuatanejo, the original town. Ixtapa is a government-planned tourist resort, built in the early 70s, on what used to be coconut plantations. Zihuatanejo has a quaint traditional Mexican charm, while Ixtapa looks more like the modern Acapulco . There you will find modern beach hotel s and condominiums (including time share units), stores, discos and restaurants on the marina.

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo is a dual tourist destination that combines the pleasure of a vacation in aPlaya Ixtapa traditional Mexican port and the modern world-class infrastructure and services of Ixtapa. These two coastal locations form a development called “the Golden Pacific". If you choose to spend your vacations in  Ixtapa Zihuatanejo you will have made the best decision in your life, because of the unique diversity this tourist center offers and its numerous entertainment options

Thirty years ago, Zihuatanejo used to be a tiny fishing village; today fishermen still go fishing and keep their traditional lifestyle and Zihuatanejo has managed to remain peaceful and safe.

Iglesia ZihuatanejoBack then, only the most adventurous used to fly to this natural paradise. Today the new means of communication make this destination accessible to domestic and international tourists, whether they choose to come by plane, road or highway, in search of the atmosphere of nature, peace and fun that characterize our destination. The Zihuatanejo bay is famous for its beaches, such as La Ropa, La Madera, the main beach, Las Gatas and El Almacén. There are also other beaches, such as the Hotel Zone beach in Ixtapa, as well as El Palmar, Playa Quieta and Playa Linda.

Other beaches worth mentioning are Playa Cuachalalate, Playa Varadero on the island of Ixtapa (in front of Playa Linda); towards Zihuatanejo airport we find Playa Larga and Barra de Potosí. Jet ski, mailing, banana rides, parachute, diving, snorkeling, fishing, surfing, golf and tennis are some of the activities and sports that can be done in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo.

No doubt about it, if you look for a quiet place for your next vacation, "Zihuatanejo" is the best place. We are certain you will love it and will then come again and again to this port.

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