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Isla Mujeres Information

At the time of the Mayan civilization, Isla Mujeres was considered a sacred site to worship “Ixchel" (the mother of all gods and goddess of the moon and fertility). In 1517, Spanish conqueror Francisco Hernández de Córdoba set foot on the island and named it Isla Mujeres, due to the great number of feminine idols he found there.

Today the island is famous for the beauty of its environment that gives visitors the possibility to discover the reef underwater life. Isla Mujeres is also known for its breathtaking natural sceneries and beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea, especially on the south end which has an important natural rock formation next to the Garrafon reef and the highest cliff above sea level in all the Yucatan Peninsula .

Due to its orientation, this cliff is known as the Southern Tip, there is a Mayan vestige of what was reportedly a temple to "Ixchel". It is also where a very important project was created: a sculpture park with works of Mexican and international artists. The contrast of a Mayan temple next to contemporary works of art gives the Southern Tip a very special atmosphere, the symbol of a fusion of cultures in beautiful scenery.

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