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La Quebrada en AcapulcoAcapulco is famous worldwide as a symbol of fun and relaxation. Located on the Mexican Pacific coast, it enjoys a perfect tropical climate year round, which makes it the ideal place for all kinds of daytime and night activities. The rare combination of its golden beaches and the Sierra Madre mountains, its tropical forest and lagoons, Mexican warmth, mysticism and tradition makes for a unique experience you will remember forever. In Acapulco you can practice tennis, golf, bowling, beach volleyball, soccer, squash, front tennis, diving, waterskiing, fishing, windsurfing, or take a ride on a wave runner or banana.

You can also watch bullfights, boxing and wrestling. Important tennis and golf tournaments take place every year in Acapulco , as well as a triathlon and five athletic competitions.
Acapulco de NocheAcapulco comes alive at night, its nightlife is legendary. No place in the world can match its dazzling and sophisticated discos, or its first-class restaurants and entertainment centers. There is magic in the air. At night, the Acapulco bay , with its millions lights reflecting in the water as stars, is one of the most impressive and romantic sceneries in the world.

The true heart of Acapulco is also located on its main street, Costera Miguel Alemán, simply known as La Costera. Wherever you go during your vacations in Acapulco (beach, shopping, dinner, or for a drink) you will end up on La Costera. Most of the major attractions in Acapulco are on La Costera or very close to it. There is action and fun going on constantly on La Costera, which makes it a wonderful place to have lunch, dinner or just watch what's going on.

The zócalo or main square is a quiet place, under the shade of giant mango and rubber trees, very close to the lively heart of Acapulco . The zócalo is full of ice creams stands and sidewalk cafes. That´s where you can meet the locals, as they go to their daily activities. The cathedral on the zocalo was built in 1930, originallly to be used for a movie. After the filming ended, the construction was modified to look as it does now.

  Acapulco is also an exciting city with many centuries of history and culture to discover. It is a vivid testimony of pre-Columbian times, of the Conquest, the Independence and the modern day . The story of Acapulco is rich with love stories and pirate adventures. Several blocks south of the zocalo, the San Diego Fortress was built in the  XVIIIth century to protect the city from pirates´attacks. It has been well preserved and is now host to a museum with interesting exhibitions about the history of . It is an attraction you will find easily.

La Costera en Acapulco
Acapulco for children
Acapulco is a great vacation destination for children. Located on Playa Icacos on the Costera, the Cici is a waterpark with slides, dolphin and seals shows, wave pool and the Sky Coaster, that will make everybody scream. Marine World is an aquarium and entertainment center with marine exhibitions, slides, watersports, restaurants and gift shops. The huge Papagayo park is located on La Costera, has go-karts, skating rings for skate boards and a lot of other attractions. The two main shopping malls offer many attractions such as video games parlors for children to enjoy while their parents go shopping. A vacation in Acapulco is something your children will never forget.

Acapulco offers many options as far as beaches are concerned. During the daytime, all activity takes place on the beach. The Acapulco slogan could be "Party all night and fun on the beach all day". Although there are many beaches on the bay, we will mention only a few; but you can visit all of them if you stay long enough. Many of the beach restaurants put tables, chairs and sunshades ) right on the sand, so you can enjoy your meal and drinks directly on the beach.

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